UNILEVER are Gold Sponsors for Culinary Art Show 2018 - Horeca Kuwait


UNILEVER are Gold Sponsors for Culinary Art Show 2018

KUWAIT: HORECA Kuwait 2018, an annual exhibition gathering companies from the hospitality and food industries, continues to achieve new successes, most recently by attracting globally renown multinationals such as Unilever  Food Solutions which has joined as a gold sponsor of the culinary competitions held during the exhibition, which takes place at the Kuwait International Fairgrounds from January 15 to 17 of 2018.
The culinary competitions are the highlight of the three-day exhibition, gathering dozens of chefs from Kuwait and internationally in a cook-off judged by international experts, enabling these competitions to achieve high levels in technical standards. In a statement, Leaders Group for Consulting and Development, the organizers of the annual HORECA exhibition in partnership with Lebanon-based Hospitality Services, said that Unilever Food Solutions is one of the world’s largest suppliers of consumer goods with sales across 180 countries, and provides innovative and high-quality food products and value-added services that are developed by 300 professional chefs.

These products belong to 50 cuisines from around the world, from which 200 million dishes are prepared daily.
Unilever Food Solutions Arabia Country Manager Fouad Sherine, said: “We reach 800 million consumers worldwide every year and aim to make a difference in four areas: promoting health, wellbeing and quality of life, increasing food safety, reducing waste of food, and taking care of sustainability resources.”
S h e r i n e added: “As people around the world are increasingly eating out, the food they consume must become more and more safe for food service companies. Hence, we focus on working together to provide results that omprove the quality of food for all of us, all while ensuring that we provide great taste and reduce the environmental
impact of food consumption.” Sherine highlighted: “Consumers and customers of hospitality institutions are searching for authentic tastes and exciting foods, but they also want the right food for a healthy lifestyle. This is
where the challenge lies in the food industry in which we build long term partnerships with suppliers, customers and stakeholders.”

Unilever Food Solutions is part of the Unilever Group which specializes in food and tea products. The most prominent brands owned by the company are Knorr, Hellman’s, Lipton, Brooke Bond, Magnum, CarteD’or.
The group also owns other companies specialized in the manufacturing of household chemicals, extractive industries, personal care products, and cosmetics.

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