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Tamor Wa Asal joins HORECA Kuwait 2017

KUWAIT: Preparations for the Horeca Kuwait 2017 exhibition are steadily progressing, and the event is attracting
more companies to take part, since it is an event which provides a golden opportunity to exchange expertise to
meet the local market’s needs and future expansion plans.

Meanwhile, Tamor Wa Asal (Dates and Honey) Center also announced plans to participate in the exhibition. “Such specialized events help us survey clients’ demands and open new scopes for commercial agreements and deals with various companies,” the center’s director Ahmad Abdulamir Khan said, stressing the ‘essential role’ that Horeca Kuwait plays in this regard.

In addition, Khan stressed that Tamor Wa Asal provides top quality supplies of dates, including all varieties of top demand in Kuwait. It also supplies varieties of dates stuffed with chocolate, nuts and others, he added. Furthermore, he noted that the center provides sugar-free honey, in addition to other types of high quality honey that earned it quality and safety certificates presented by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and other specialized organizations.

Horeca Kuwait 2017 has so far attracted over 80 companies due to display their products in the presence of a group of international experts and chefs and a large group of company and hotel owners. The exhibition is organized by Leaders Group in collaboration with Hospitality Services Company at Kuwait International Fairgrounds in Mishref on January 16-18, 2017.

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