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Nine experts to Judge HORECA cooking competition: Anjeri

KUWAIT: Now that the list of participating companies in the Horeca 2016 exhibition is complete, Nabila Al-Anjeri, General Manager of the event’s organizing company Leaders Group, released a statement announcing that exhibition is set to witness many activities including several cooking competitions with the participation of over 250 chefs from various local and Middle Eastern restaurants and hotels.

She added that the jury panel would also comprise of nine international cooking experts selected from several world
cuisines. Renowned Chef Samaan Hilal was selected to lead the jury; which also includes cooking expert and World
Association of Chefs’ Societies’ Director Thomas Gugler.

Further, Anjeri added that the cooking competitions would be of great significance for all participants interested in creativity and seeking to explore their own potentials in order to ultimately maintain the high status of Kuwait’s hospitality sector.

Meanwhile, the Automat Kitchens Company wrapped up the list of participants, after board chairman Asaad Rumaih
Othman Al-Romaih announces that his company is participating in the event “because it is an ideal environment to
boost cooperation among leading companies and help them open new markets.”

Romaih added that Automat Kitchens is a leader in the line of hotel equipment, central kitchens and mega restaurants. He added that his company is also the exclusive agent of various brands including Foster And Hobart, MBM, Rational Show and FRIMA.

Notably, Horeca 2017 has attracted over 70 participants from the world’s leading hospitality, food industries and hotel equipment companies, in addition to several travel agencies and offices. The event is due to be held under auspices of Minister of Information Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud Al-Sabah. It takes place at Kuwait International Fairgrounds in Mishref in the period of January 16-18, 2017, and is organized by Leaders Group in collaboration
with Hospitality Services Company.

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