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MNH Al Hajery joins HORECA Kuwait as Silver Sponsor

Mohammed Nasser Al Hajri & Sons Co. has signed an agreement with Leaders Group for Consulting and Development that makes it a Silver Ssponsor to HORECA Kuwait for Food Industries and Hotel Supplies which will be held at the International Fair Ground in Mishref from 15 to 17 January, 2018.

This agreement comes at a time where sponsorship agreements and participations continue at this unique exhibition that witnesses the presence of major hospitality and food industries companies.

A joint statement between the two companies said, “Mohammed Al Hajri’s products and services are diverse and their quality should be present at every hospitality event. The company has a history of more than 70 years in Kuwait and remains as a source and pillar for many new materials and technologies in catering field. It has healthy food, cosmetic agencies, coffee makers, Dilma tea, Hagen-Daz ice cream, lotus biscuits and Italian coffee machines “Nova Simonelli”.
Gabriel Far’oun, CEO of Mohammed Nasser Al-Hajri’s Co. said “ the Company will offer a new and important range of services, equipments and materials that are of interest to customers, suppliers and to suit a wide range of consumers,”

“Our partnership with Leaders Group for Consulting and Development will continue due to HORECA’s distinguished international reputation and its importance at developing the markets of hospitality and food industry,” added Far’oun.
He also stressed that Al-Hajri’s Co. is keen to maintain a high standard professionalism and to follow up all variables that are related to its activities in both local or global markets.
Far’oun pointed out that ” Al Hajri’s has recently reopened a Hagen-Daz branch in the Avenues Mall with a brand new look and a new menu of juices, ice cream and many other innovative and delicious dishes.

As for Leaders Group, it clarified that the majority of the areas at the exhibition have been reserved by sponsors and participants despite of the remaining of three months prior its opening. The exhibition accumulates new successes every year in terms of the increasing number of distinguished participants and sponsors.

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