Kuwait Hotel Owners Association joins HORECA Kuwait as Gold Sponsors - Horeca Kuwait


Kuwait Hotel Owners Association joins HORECA Kuwait as Gold Sponsors

KUWAIT: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hotels Owners Union (HOU) Ghazi Fahad Al-Nafisi hailed the continuous success achieved by Horeca Kuwait and its contribution to boosting the hospitality, catering and hotel equipment business, which he says supports the state’s plans to achieve comprehensive touristic development, building new residential cities and launching new urban communities.

Nafisi said that HOU is glad to continue partnership with Leaders Group and the Hospitality Services Company to organize the 2018 Horeca exhibition, which is due to be held in the period in January 15-17, 2018 at Kuwait International Fairgrounds in Mishref. “This is a great step in the course of developing the touristic sector and its role in providing more job opportunities for ambitious young men, while diversifying national income sources,” he underlined.

Accordingly, Nafisi announced HOU’s participation in 2018 Horeca as a golden sponsor; a decision it took in recognition to the exhibition’s significance.

In addition, Nafisi stressed that developing hotel occupancy and making use of Kuwaitis’ individual spending patterns were significant
elements in developing domestic tourism. He added that such challenges require from authorities concerned with setting the state’s development plans and diversifying national income to cooperate in order to create more job opportunities and encourage ambitious
graduates and entrepreneurs.

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