Thomas A. Gugler

World Association of Chefs' Societies (WACS)
Saudi Arabia

At the Worldchefs Congress 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece, Thomas A. Gugler, was elected as the President for Worldchefs for the coming 4 years. Previously Continental Director of Africa & Middle East), Gugler beat two other candidates to the Presidency seat.

The dynamic German national has played an instrumental role in Worldchefs. In his 3 years as Continental Director (Africa & Middle East), he has steered and increased membership by 300%. He also has decades of experience judging in Worldchefs competitions globally, certified A category judge and is celebrated for his huge love for the hospitality industry. Thomas is certified Executive Master Chef, won hundreds of Medals and awards, token of appreciations from all around the globe.

Thomas works as the Corporate Director of Kitchens for AFS(Arabian Food Supplies) Naghi Group and established numerous chef associations.

Looking forward to go ahead with my selected team as Martin Kobald (Vice President) Uwe Micheel (Assistant Vice President), Cornelia Volino (General Secretary) and K.K. Yau special assignment Liaison for Asia.

Aiming for a fruitful cooperation with all our Continental Directors, the entire Office team, the Committee Chairs and Members and all the volunteers from around the world.
A special thanks to all the Country Presidents, their boards and as well to all the member country federations for their support.

His comments on HORECA were:

“I am very proud to have this opportunity with my team to support the entire Worldchefs society and we will do our utmost best to direct Worldchefs into the next level. Expect constant communication from us, with opportunities for members to participate. We are committed to follow the direction that has been planted from past Presidents and to keep the legacy of Bill Gallagher alive. We thank you for your confidence in us!”

For the HORECA Event I am wishing all the participants the very best of luck and looking forward to see great culinarians and culinary master pieces which I am delighted to explore.
To the entire organizing team the very best of luck for the set up and the great efforts to make this show a highlight like in all the previous years.

Member/Honorary Member of:

President of Worldchefs/WACS

Co-Founder & Board Member/Saudi Arabian Chefs Association (SARCA)
Founder/Chairman SACTC (Saudi Arabian Chefs Table Circle)
Board Member of the “World Chefs without Borders”
Member Euro toques & World toque certified *Star Chef
Member of VKD (German Chefs Association)
Member of the South African Chefs Association
Member Circle de Chefs de Lebanon
Member of the Egyptian Chefs Association
Member of the North Greece Chefs Association
Honorary Member of the Emirates Culinary Guild
Honorary Member ACEEA Chefs Association Romania
Honorary Member Russian Chefs Association
Honorary Member of the Mauritius Chefs Association
Honorary Member of the Palestine Chefs Association
Honorary Member of the “Taste of Peace”
Honorary Member of the Romanian Chefs Association- ANBCT
Honorary Member of the Indian Federation of Culinary Association-IFCA
Honorary Member of the Slovenian Culinary Academy
Honorary Member of the Izmir Chef Association
Honorary Member of the Kyrgyzstan Chef Association
Honorary Member Serbian Chefs Association
Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Culinary Union
Honorary Life time Member of Toques Blanche “Golden Horse Shoe Chapter” Canada
Teacher of Hotel Business & Vocational Schools
Member of the Master Guild Association
Ambassador for Germany SKMER Chefs Ass. European & Mediterranean Areas
Ambassador for Saudi Arabia SKMER Chefs Ass. European & Mediterranean Areas
Ambassador “Academy of Knowledge” Slovenia
Majstorom Kuharom 1 Reda SKMER Chefs Ass. European & Mediterranean Areas
Representative of the Academy Nationale de Cuisine de France for Germany
IHK (German Industrial Handworks Chamber Representative & Committee Member)
Member Culinary Team” Let’s go Magic” Germany
Former Trainer of the German National Youth Cooking Team
Artistic Developer and Advisor/Founding Member Food Lab