Horeca leads Kuwait’s economic, touristic drive: Economists - Horeca Kuwait


Horeca leads Kuwait’s economic, touristic drive: Economists

KUWAIT: Horeca Kuwait effectively contributes in boosting commercial exchanges among participating companies
and supports their expansion plans, a number of economist and businessmen stressed yesterday. The exhibition
also plays a significant role in supporting young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs who want to start their own small projects and helps them develop according to integrated and systematic basis, they added.

The three-day exhibition, which was inaugurated by Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs
Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud Al-Sabah on Monday, showcases solutions to develop the hospitality, catering and hotel equipment sectors, the economists indicated, adding that Horeca has become a major event in terms of helping
achieve development in several economic fields including tourism, transportation and energy. Over 15 diplomats attended the opening ceremony, including the ambassadors of Germany, Italy, Brazil, Holland, Malta, Romania, Mexico, India, Algeria, in addition to former Lebanese ambassador Khodor Helweh. A large number of businessmen and representatives of local, Arab and foreign media outlets also attended the event. Speaking on the occasion, Mabrook
Company’s General Manager Ali Farhat stressed that Horeca has economic benefits especially considering the development upsurge Kuwait is currently witnessing in the form of mega development, housing and tourism projects, in addition to the increase in the number of hotels and restaurants.

Meanwhile, Boecker’s Administrative Associate Abraham Hilal said that Horeca is an ideal platform to enhance the performance of vital sectors, adding that it plays an effective role in boosting Kuwait’s developmental ambitions in the fields of hospitality and food industries. He also noted that Horeca supports the Kuwaiti government’s plans to diversify sources of income, develop local tourism and create job opportunities for young Kuwaitis.

Farm Land’s General Manager Antoine Obeid expressed excitement with the recurrent success that Horeca has achieved in recent years, saying that it has become a major forum for experts in tourism, hospitality, travel and food industries from Kuwait and the Middle East.

Ghazi Al-Nafisi, Head of Kuwait the Hotel Owners Society also commended Horeca’s role and stressed that it helps
diversify sources of national income and encourage young entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Othman and Bisher’s Managing Director Sahani Jagdeep said that the exhibition has earned a great reputation among hospitality experts, and highly praised the activities held during it. Moreover, Protein Company’s General Manager Fadi Jebran and Morooj Company’s Deputy Director Mohammed Ahmed Al-Farhan agreed that Horeca
Kuwait is an optimal venue to display and promote exclusive products and support expansion strategies. Also commenting on the exhibition, Bano Professional Mix Company’s General Manager Tawfiq Essam Al- Hashwi said
that Horeca plays a major role in supporting small and medium enterprises and encourage young people to join the
private sector.

Finally, chef Samaan Hilal, head of the international cooking competition’s judging panel, said that the Horeca cooking competition, which takes place as part of the event, includes contests for food items representing several
international cuisines. Adding that the judging panel includes a number of highly experienced chefs from around
the world.

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