FARMLAND Joins HORECA Kuwait 2018 as GOLD Sponsors - Horeca Kuwait


FARMLAND Joins HORECA Kuwait 2018 as GOLD Sponsors

KUWAIT: Farm Land Company, the exclusive agent of the ‘President’ brand, announced renewing its golden sponsorship of the Horeca Kuwait exhibition for the seventh consecutive time. In this regard, Farmland’s General Director Tony Obeid said that Horeca Kuwait 2018 is set to be organized by Leaders Group in collaboration with
Hospitality Services Company at Kuwait International Fairgrounds in Mishref in the period of January 15-17, 2018.
He stressed that it has become a must for all companies concerned with food industries and hotel equipment to take part in this annual festivity.

Obeid added that Farm Land provides quality products including President Cheese, one of the world’s premiere cheese makers. He also noted that President offers many products made of 100 percent pure milk, which can be used to prepare delicious dishes. These products come under prestigious brand names such as the fresh Italian Galbani Mozzarella, the famous French Valbreso Feta, Societe Roquefort cheese and the English McLaren
cheddar cheese. Obeid strongly praised the Horeca Kuwait exhibition and its ability to attract companies specializing
in hospitality, food industries and hotel requirements in Kuwait, the region and the Middle East. He also noted that Farm Land would take part in the exhibition’s cooking competition and that the company’s team would provide ‘amazing surprises’ to visitors including demonstrations of how to prepare chocolate and some desserts in healthy ways.