1. The Cake should be made up of three layers
2. All decorations must be edible and entirely hand-made
3. Cake should be appetizing, appealing and attractive. Innovation in both taste and appearance will
be highly appreciated
4. Pillars or stands may be inedible, however must be plain and unadorned, unless they are decorated
by hand
5. Royal icing, pastillage, etc., may be used in the production
6. The bottom layer of the cake must be edible
7. Inedible blanks may be used for the two top layers
8. Decoration and construction must fit together with the cake’s true baked weight
9. The cake should have a garnish and not be a plain sponge cake only. It should be an elaborated cake
10. All decorations should be around the cake and not on top of the cake to better facilitate the cutting of
the cake
11. The cake should compromise 80% edible ingredients and 20% decoration
12. The bottom layer will be tasted as part of the judging process
13. A list of ingredients used by each contestant is required and should be submitted
14. Table space allotted per contestant is: 60 cm x 60


Taste/Flavor 40
Presentation/Innovation 20
Composition 15
Correct Professional Presentation 15
Serving/Arrangement 10