General rules


  • Every exhibit must be the actual work of the participants registered in the Application Form
  • No company name, participant’s name or logo should be visible to the judges during the judging process
    It may be included or placed once the judging is complete
  • Competitors should respect the space limit of each category
  • Judges have the right to test and examine all exhibits and extract samples when necessary
  • During the exhibition period, participants are allowed to “refresh” their creations after the judging.


Judging Criteria

  • Presentation/Innovation & Design
    The pieces must be appetizing, appealing and attractive. Innovation in both taste and appearance will be
    highly appreciated.
  • Taste/Flavor/Texture
    Competitors must ensure that the production presented displays the maximum taste and flavor
  • Serving
    The serving must be simple and practical, clean and careful, with no fuss, no overelaborate or impractical
    garnish. The plate and platter arrangement needs to be practical for serving while maintaining a sense of the
  • Degree of difficulty
    The degree of difficulty involved in the creation of a showpiece will be assessed in terms of individual artistic
  • Work involved
    The Work involved in the creation of a showpiece will be assessed in the terms of the time needed, the
    commitment and the dedication
  • Creativity
    Ideas must be developed in an original way using culinary Materials
  • General Impression
    Dishes must be appetizing and tastefully displayed.
  • Composition
    The composition of the desserts must be nutritionally well balanced, easily digestible and light. The taste and
    colors of the creation need to be in line and must complement each other to ensure a balance of textures.
  • Correct Professional Preparation
    Preparations must be correct and display mastery of basic skills and application of correct cooking methods

Display Competitions

Live Competitions