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Natmed Joins HORECA Kuwait 2018 as Silver Sponsors

KUWAIT: In view of the growing number of companies announcing intention to take part in the 2018 Horeca Kuwait exhibition, the National Medical Consumable Industries Company (NatMed) recently announced participating in the exhibition as one of its sponsors.
In this regard, NatMed’s Chairman Ahmad Abdullah Al-Sarraf stressed that changes in the world of trade and services made specialized exhibitions such as Horeca indispensible in regards to setting successful marketing strategies for any sector at national, regional or international scales. He added that all commercial parties as well as state institutions in Kuwait have to perceive the significance of this role for turning Kuwait into a regional  and international financial and commercial hub.
Speaking on signing the sponsorship contract, Sarraf stressed that NatMed thinks highly of Horeca as a unique exhibition, adding that his company plans to display products and services of interest to hotels and  restaurants, including disposable aluminum and plastic packs and over 2,000 items of other paper and plastic  products used in food serving and packaging, in addition to disposable medical products Further, Sarraf noted that Horeca Kuwait has gained momentum over the past seven years and managed to expand annually ever since.
“It would not be surprising to see the exhibition display further services and products in the future,” he added, noting that his company already provides public and private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and the health ministry with  disposable medical products. The 2018 Horeca Kuwait exhibition is set to be organized by Leaders Group in collaboration with Hospitality Services Company at Kuwait International Fairground in Mishref from January 15-17, 2018.

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